Cahxiese Avenue Press

Today marks the fourth day since my leg surgery. For the past year or so I’ve been dealing with an entrapment of a nerve in my lower right leg, which makes walking anything from strange to painful. Many months of specialists later, I ended up with an Ortho surgeon who knew his shit and we scheduled a quick surgery to fix my shitty leg.

< workholdun> surgery!
< workholdun> why are you surging?
< lysol> nerve entrapment in my leg
< igowen> that sounds illegal dude
< workholdun> “are you a nerve? you have to tell me”

Exciting Books

I’ve been following @excitingbooks for several months, which posts book covers designed by its author for fictional “exciting” books such as “Kerning Bus Schedules”. Arguably, some of them were created for an alternate reality game known as OTP-22 or PRJMPLP, which is basically 20 dorks trying to find some rando’s recycling taped to the bottoms of benches in remote places and is generally pretty creepy.

The designs are minimalist and rather good on their own. What if I could create a whole collection of faux books using generative code rather than actual design work and have them turn out kind of cool? Could I do it even though I am definitely not a designer?

Cahxiese Avenue Press

Over the last week I’ve put tons of couch-anchored and vicodin-adled hours into Cahxiese Avenue Press, a Twitter account for a fake book publisher that posts generated book covers, including made-up titles and authors. The source material comes from Wikipedia and Project Gutenberg; the code itself is Python and uses the COLOURlovers API, and the Pillow and Twitterbot libraries, the latter of which was written recently by thricedotted. She has tons of gratitude from me for writing a good codebase that replaces a pile of fetid trash and crontabs I use to tape together my other Twitter bots into functional garbage.

I consider this a good start. Some time soon I’ll add more generated designs for book covers and maybe some other generated content. Thanks to all the lovely people from IRC and Twitter that do inspiring shit all the time and prompt me to do a little more than just sit on my couch and watch Twin Peaks after work.